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We've created this page to help educate, as several people come to this site and inquire on "how to" be a voice talent. We are a professional voice casting service and production company and only work with seasoned professional voice over talent who we help place in productions that are contracted through us. BUT, as we encounter more and more potential talent, we've descided to form some classes that can get you started in the field of VOICEOVERS! We've also teamed up with the Institute for the Performing Arts, Inc in Virginia to also teach for them as well.

Public Speaking Coaching

Before getting into the business of public speaking you have to determine what you are good at talking about. What your passionate about.  Talk about something that you have earned the right to talk about through long study or experience. Talk about something that you know and know that you know. Don’t spend ten minutes or ten hours preparing a talk: spend ten weeks or ten months. Better still, spend ten years. Talk about something that has aroused your interest. Talk about something that you have a deep desire to communicate to your listeners.

I'll teach you some key areas of public speaking that will get you ready to engage a crowd of people who REALLY want to hear what you have to say.

~ Becoming excited about your subject

~ Getting your audience engaged

~ Look inside yourself for subjects to talk about

~ Talk from your heart, not a book

~ Have a desire to communicate

~ Talk about your experiences

~ How to prepare and deliver your talks

~ If your attitude is good, your talk will be good

~ Just be yourself

We'll coach you in how to "Make Rapid and Easy Progress in Learning to Speak in Public".  Contact Us Today for More Info.

Learning Voice Over Skills

Before getting into the business of voice overs you have to determine what you are good at.  Is it commercials, narrations, imaging or characterizations? These are the four main categories of voice overs. Each of these categories, branch off into almost an infinite amount of sub categories. 

For example, tv spots, documentaries, animation and on hold messaging just to name a few. 

Find the one category you are good at and work at it first. On a daily basis, listen to that particular category of voice overs whether it's on tv, radio or some other form of media. Also read books on the subject and work with a coach. This takes time, so be patient.  For individuals already in the media (radio and tv personnel) wanting to make that transition into the wonderful world of voice overs, you've got a jump on the others, but your work is definitely not done. Contact Us Today to become a part of our roster of alumni that has found success with our Award Winning Producers, Educators and Talent.

Building Your Own Studio

Once you've practised a particular category, it's time to set aside a location and collect the gear necessary for your studio. Your studio can be in a good sized closet or a small spare bedroom. The smaller the better. We've even heard of people putting their studios into sheds and yes it works! At the very least, you will need a mic, a preamp (if your mic doesn't have it's own power), a computer, a simple audio editing program, an exceptional quality sound card, a CD burner, high-speed internet access and an mp3 conversion program. Now remember this is just a start. If you can't build your own studio, then we can put together your demo for you and/or rent our studios for your own work!

Getting Your Business Organized 

No business is "a business" unless you organize some of the traditional elements needed to make a voice over business run efficiently and professionally. These elements include contracts, order forms, software for book keeping, getting your name (ficticious or not) under a proprietorship or creating a corporation. Business cards, marketing materials and a website are also a must. Having ONLY a Facebook Page for your business is NOT professional and companies will NOT take you seriously. But, having a Facebook Page that is part of your social media and marketing in addition to your website, well then, now we're talking!

Making Your Demo Rock 

Your demo is "the" most important piece of your business. It not only is a sample of your work, it's your calling card. Do not take your demo for granted. If you can't produce an excellent demo yourself, make sure you hire someone to give you the best. We can completely help you with that from start to finish! First test the waters, record some pieces of copy and send them to a coach or someone heavily entrenched in the industry in your area OR send them to us and we'll help you put together a killer demo! 

Closing the Deal/Representation

If you are not a very good business person or you only want to concentrate on your talents rather than the business aspect, you will need an agent or a manager. Most of the big talent agencies will not take your phone call until you are well established. That means you are already have put a major dent in the industry and have years of experience under your belt and are currently making money from your voice over work. Some smaller professional talent agencies and production companies look for sheer talent and how available you are. It's important to note that the unprofessional agencies and companies are even less demanding but they don't pay very well and they will take advantage of you if you let them.


Call or Email us today and find out how YOU can become the next professional voice over artist that you've always dreamed of becoming!

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