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To Support. To Teach. To Rejuvenate. To Overcome. To bring & give Knowledge. To Empower.

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The American Heart Association, the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, The Stroke Foundation and the Stroke Advocacy Network are the major partnerships with the Stroke Journey Organization. Receive FREE information about them and the education about their causes...

My name is Bill Carroll, currently an 24 stroke survivor. Yes, 24. Some stronger than others, mostly TIA's, but horrible strokes nonetheless. I struggle every day with the short and long term affects of them and let me tell you, its every bit of the meaning of the word STRUGGLE. 

So during one of my many sleepless nights, I realized I had to share my experience to those who have felt and do feel what I feel. To empower them so they have the knowledge to safely get through anything that they have to. Anything that YOU have to, to get through your recovery. 

This is a place where you can Share, Teach, Rejuvinate, Overcome, Know & Empower yourself on the signs and affects of a stroke. Like the play on the word there? Well to me its very important and maybe someday you can save a life...

Please tell us your story. Maybe you're a caregiver, a life-saver, a person who deals with Stroke victims or someone who has actually gone through having one of the scariest things happen to you; A Stroke. 

Scary is just scratching the surface for me. It's literally terrifying going through everything that happens to you while having one. It's different for everyone but some similar signs and affects that everyone should be aware of...

Let's come together and create awareness and empower people with this incredible real medical issue.

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